In need Of Writers to add new content. If you are coming across this blog we are approaching a year, our daily visitors is going down after stabalizing at a higher than average rate at under a year. No new content since around 2 months ago, I am currently writing a lot for and need some help. please message me and how you can help!
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July 28, 2013

Planning On Taking GenerationRx From Primarily My Life and Knowledge To An Online Interactive Recovery Center - Need Passionate People

Well it has been 6 months for me alone writing about my depth of knowledge in everything addiction related but as you can see in the monthly archives I began to slow down. In the past month I have reregistered everything and plan to take this blog to the next step.

The next step is actually a combination of many tiny steps but when they all come together GenerationRx v2 could be a very successful form of |"Online Counselling" and scheduled one on one skype sessions where recovering addicts like myself and whoever else I choose out of the 6 I pick to work this site with me.|

So you really have nothing to lose...If you are really feeling like you want to give up and actually hurt yourself for real this time or if you are alone then this can be a huge asset to a lonely addict not wanting to spend his last 200$ which he had put away for his toddler kids but spent it on crack the night before followed by an unquenchable thirst for even one hit which ended up with blind rage then broken window.

I basically spent this last month throwing a post here and there but what I wanted to focus on mostly was EzineArticles which is a Freelance Writing Company that focuses on unique work that is either produced prior to request by a writer or the work can be requested and writers apply.

I am going to be looking for 5 individuals with a high intrest and deep understanding the truly awful disease of addiction. Obviously samples of your work are encouraged and will often give the final touches to our definitive answer.

Now being that we may pick up people from my home and many other countries blut as long as their english is well written and the understanding of addiction on a modern society are more then welcome.||

Last but not least I want to spread our messages to highschools and not to scare them to death by using ===h but to show them what will become of them and their family. Faces change to disgust and its almost emotional everytime.

I want to make GenerationRx truly about North America's struggle with a seemingl ;unstoppable force like the wind itself. Best part is with minor exceptions I would prefer to keep the age group from 18-30 years old but obviously anyone is welcome to email me.

Please get back to me asap with your application, older sample articles and what you could provide to bring my current blog of to a full fledged Non-Profit Drug Counselling Service.

ChrisG Emberley