In need Of Writers to add new content. If you are coming across this blog we are approaching a year, our daily visitors is going down after stabalizing at a higher than average rate at under a year. No new content since around 2 months ago, I am currently writing a lot for and need some help. please message me and how you can help!
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June 11, 2013

After a 10 Week Break I am now Returning for good. Bi-weekly Posts + Exciting New Additions and Updates

I posted on May the 30th that I would be taking a short 2 week break which actually extended into a 10 week break due to some family issues and personal issues which have been dealt with and now I am proceeding towards going back to school for Social Work either in the Fall or most likely the Winter. I am upgrading a course atm. 
Meaning I will be posting bi-weekly now for the rest of the year or at least once a week with new topics, new information and I will starting a new blog in the next couple of months but that is to be announced.
+Chris Emberley @cGarfielde