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March 20, 2013

Fake OxyContin Tablets are Flooding The Blackmarket

The subject of Opiates and Oxycontin is obviously one that I am very familiar with mostly because of the devastation and pain that I witnessed a simple pill do to my friends, family and acquaintances. In some ways my whole life story revolves around the one word - Oxy. Even after being off of the drug for 3 years and on methadone I still look at forums or websites and see what is happening in the world of Oxy - as if I'm missing something... That is just me being honest but being what it is I read about when Purdue Pharma's patent expired on OxyContin shortly after they began making the OxyNeo's in Canada and OP's in United States. So me being the much to curious person I am made some calls to people I once called my best friends to see how they were doing and how they were remedying the absence of the easily tampered OxyContin pills. Well I learned a lot very fast and I was not just checking this out to reminisce in the nostalgia of my using days I really figured I may be able to help these people - if even one - and I managed to do so by convincing my best friend to go on Methadone. Anyways that is off topic but I did learn what was happening in the Opiate world very quickly and it shocked me to say the least. First off Heroin was being distributed in Edmonton which in my 4 years of Oxy use I could never find a H hookup but I explained that on  my Heroin Epidemic Post a week ago.

Now as if heroin being readily available in the city was not bad enough I was informed that people were now pressing their own pills of Oxy to look exactly like the old formula except if you were a venerated user you could tell by simple discrepancies like size, color and of course effect. So I did a bit of research on this and from sources like DEA seizures I soon discovered what ingredients were in "some" of these pills and it was something much stronger then oxy, Fentanyl.
The friend that I mentioned at the beginning of this post who I had helped get on methadone told me all about these fake pills. Green all the way through, hard as a rock and were being sold under the name "Fake Oxies" and people were still buying them. Well there must be a reason why I thought to myself and that reason was that these pills or what I learned about the majority of these fake OxyContin's were that they contained 1mg of Fentanyl HCL. For those of you who do not know Fentanyl is the strongest Synthetic Opiate in the world. It is given out in Micro-Milligrams and in the form of a patch or Lollipop and the patch is applied for 72 hours and releases a dose of either 50, 75, or 100ucg/H for a total of either somewhere around 7-12mg's of the actual Fentanyl Drug in the full 72 hours.

Now these fake Oxies contained a full 1 - 1.5 MG's of Fentanyl in one pill which is an incredibly large dose of the active ingredient. This information was found on multiple forums and like I said the DEA seizures website.

Now the ripple effect of these pills quickly made users do as I did and look up what was in these pills because obviously it was not OxyContin and they discovered that mostly there was Fentanyl. This then made people curious about the patches and soon enough all across North America people were discovering that you can literally smoke the Fentanyl patches and receive a much stronger high then smoking an original oxy or even Heroin.

The fact of the matter is that the drug is not meant to released in a vapor and due to that fact overdoses from young teenagers and adults were skyrocketing especially in Ottawa and Montreal.

The above image shows one of the patches and as you can see they are meant to be distributed over 72 hours not instantly and not only were addicts smoking the patch there was soon countless techniques on how to cook the patches down into powder. Overnight this drug literally became the drug of choice if could be found and the potency was so high that the Heroin dealers were throwing in the processed powder in with their H resulting in overdoses everywhere.

Now I know this Fentanyl issue is not completely new and has been around for year's but the fact that it became so well known by most every opiate addict the effect on society was detrimental.

Thank you for reading and I hope that somewhere out there this helps somebody because this is not a drug to be tampered with. Spread the knowledge, if you are a recovering opiate addict maybe reach out to someone that you used to call your friend because deep down they really were in some way and nobody deserves to die from an overdose. "Chris Emberley"