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February 26, 2014

Both New, Returning, Subscribing Viewers Please Help GenerationRx Stay Alive! Donate Any Amount To Extend Our Services - March 2nd Is Our Cut OFF!

If you have any spare small amounts of money in your PayPal or Bitcoin Wallet please help keep GenerationRx and also help bring it back to fully functioning status with a brand new Design. What I mean is the fact that currently I have no time to be updating a site daily or even weekly for free but  due to my earning to not lose focus on my recovery and not only that I honestly just miss the writing and replying to people\s private emails asking me questions that they need help with. So I will post my bitcoin Wallet address + create a donation button on the main page and more if you wish to donate that way and there is a paypal donation button located at the footer which is about to move up to the top right hand column. Again, We are hitting our 14 month anniversary soon and have had this domain for a year to the date on March 2nd. 

Due to the recent events of my current life I have been forced to stop working on generation rx completely and focus on my first ever investment since being clean which is Bitcoin

The Issue At Hand:
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March 2, 2013
March 2, 2013 to March 2, 2014

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November 19, 2013

Clonazepam (Benzodiazepine Withdrawal) My Worst experience OLD Article UPDATED

Benzodiazepine quick facts:
I will try to basically sum this short intro to truly prepare you with full knowledge of the effects and actual properties of these Benzodiazepine pills in a dozen or so sentences. I know most people have heard of a "benzo" but really are unfamiliar with exactly what one would be even though they might have a bottle of form of a popular benzo tucked away for airplane turbulence anxiety, valium of course. Benzos are a type of drug that act the same receptors as alcohol giving off the feeling of mild euphoria and obviously making you feel less anxious and more sociable. They also have muscle relaxing qualities and are anticonvulsants (seizures). Unfortunately tolerance builds very quickly to the very attracting qualities of a benzo within weeks sometime but to a person who actually needs it like myself who was diagnosed with anxiety disorder 2 specifics taking it has made a big change in my life all though I no longer really "feel" any soothing and confidence boosting effects and as a matter of fact the only time I feel a strong effect from these pills is when I am over 24 hours past last dosage which is a feeling of extreme dysphoria followed by...


Mild Clonazepam Withdrawal 3 Days 80 Hours
Longest I have ever been without these pills and the scariest part is people think opiates are the big bad wolf and have almost no idea of these potentially fatal symptoms.

Stable Dosage At Time: 3mg a day. 1 mg 3 x a day for the past 3 years.

October 20, 2013

Gambling Addiction - The Not So Talked About Affliction, There Is A Way Out

Article I wrote about a year ago and forgot about. Gambling Addiction has always been quite a factor in my family and so I decided to post it on my blog.

When most people think of addiction they think about drugs or alcohol, but addiction has many faces and one of those is gambling. Gambling is actually one of the worst addictions, it destroys families, ruins businesses, and hurts society in a big way. You see a funny little thought to think about is in a normal night of a drug addicts life they can spend up to maybe $2000.00 on drugs and that is a whole heck of a lot of drugs and they must be sharing but when your can lose your life savings in a night. In Las Vegas gambling addiction is the number one cause for suicides in that city and most of the United States and the act of killing ones self actually happens in the parking lots of Casino's. The the life of the gambling addict is a dark, empty world where one goes to escape reality and always tries to win the illusive grand prize. The thing is even if they win a jackpot it is not enough, they will not stop. When you take a puff or when you snort or inject a drug you release happy chemicals in your brain that flood your pathways and the most common one is called dopamine. When you press that button on the slot machine or when your waiting for that card to flip over in blackjack to see if you've won your brain is dumping out dopamine just like taking a drug. In this article we will explain the signs of a gambling addict, where and how to get help and make people realize this is a not a character defect or flaw but actually identified as the disease of addiction. There are many ways to get help and over the next paragraphs explain to you how.